Condition: Snakebitten

In the Arizona desert, where the sun beats down,

And creepy crawlers slither on the ground,

A bite from one could mean trouble,

And surviving it may take some struggle.

So if you find yourself out in the heat,

And a rattlesnake crosses your feet,

Remember these tips, and take heed,

To give yourself the best chance to succeed.

First, stay calm, don’t make a sound,

And back away slowly from the ground,

Find a spot to sit and rest,

And keep your heart rate at its best.

Next, remove any tight clothing or gear,

That could restrict blood flow, and cause fear,

And wrap the affected limb with a bandage,

To slow the spread of venom’s rampage.

Drink plenty of water, and keep cool,

To prevent dehydration, and keep your body in rule,

And avoid any food or drink,

To avoid unnecessary strain and sink.

Call for help, and wait for aid,

And monitor your symptoms, don’t be afraid,

Antivenom is the key to cure,

And only a doctor can ensure.

So if you’re in the Arizona desert,

And a rattlesnake bites, don’t revert,

Stay calm, take action, and wait,

You might just survive, and avoid my fate.

-Written by a perished soul

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