Coping Mechanisms in a Life of Deprivation

This article contains: What is coping? Why is coping important? Types of coping strategies Internal coping strategy External coping strategy Healthy coping skills Unhealthy coping skills What is coping? A coping mechanism is the way an individual deals with stress. Its purpose is to diminish or lessen the impact on the body or mind. Stress can be brought upon by […]

Improve your survivability with Misogi

Right now, you’re probably sitting in a chair in a brightly lit, climate-controlled environment as you read this. You’re likely not hungry, exhausted, thirsty, in pain, or in danger. You’re comfortable. Maybe too comfortable? Not by today’s standards. In fact, should we experience any of the above-mentioned discomforts, a large proportion of individuals will feel compelled to document their “plight” […]

How to Prep in a World of Dependence

After being asked many times over the years why I prep, it’s time I highlight my rationale and mentality for implementing prepping into my lifestyle. Prepping is not about being scared for the world to end, but it’s about avoiding being scared. Survival prepping is to protect yourself and those around you that you love. For me, it’s all about […]