When a bear attacks (bear attack stories NSFW)

Bear attacks – the stuff that nightmares are made of. If you’ve not yet seen The Revenant, you’ll understand why bear attacks can be such devastating events. While not terribly common, bear attacks can be so incredibly intense that even savvy outdoorsman can be mauled and left for dead. In this article we’ll review some intel as to where you […]

On nuclear war and survival

This article contains: You open the top hatch to peak out a couple inches as you recon the surface. The Geiger counter is ticking but only slightly, you’re not threatened by the radiation. Off in the distance, you see the passing band of raiders who’d not noticed the well-camouflaged bunker sheltering limited MREs. You’re on the scout party tonight and […]

Condition: Snakebitten

In the Arizona desert, where the sun beats down, And creepy crawlers slither on the ground, A bite from one could mean trouble, And surviving it may take some struggle. So if you find yourself out in the heat, And a rattlesnake crosses your feet, Remember these tips, and take heed, To give yourself the best chance to succeed. First, […]

How to survive a financial recession

A financial recession can be a tough time for anyone, but with the right strategies and mindset, it’s possible to weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for budgeting, modifying investment strategies, and living more inexpensively in order to survive a financial recession. The Great Recession Let’s take a […]

Survival coping mechanisms

This article contains: Why is coping (and awareness of it) important in survival situations? Coping should be as core to your survival strategy as procuring food or water because you will be coping on an everyday basis. Coping mechanisms can be either conscious or subconscious, which means we cope without really knowing we’re doing it. A conscious coping mechanism may […]

Sod Houses on the Prairie

Once the grid goes down and you bug out, what then? Even if you have a “permanent” settlement, it’s best to plan for the worst. And when your position is compromised and you’re forced to pack up and ad hoc relocate, what’s your plan for procurement of food, water, and all-important shelter? The latter is where we have an idea […]

Best 5 Recipes for Cooking in the Wild

The skies are turning grey. You hear thunder rumbling in the distance, announcing its arrival in T-30 minutes. Soon enough, inky clouds join the revelry. You hurriedly check if you have the all-important camera with you, ready to capture the helter-skelter that is about to ensue in your non-human companions in the thickly forested slopes of the mountain. After you […]

Burning Wood Furniture and How Not to Poison Yourself

On Tuesday February 16th 2021, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport recorded a temperature of -2 F, which broke the previous cold record set back in 1903. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) declared Energy Emergency Alert 3: An EEA3 is declared if operating reserves cannot be maintained above 1,375 megawatts. If conditions do not improve, continue to deteriorate or operating reserves […]