Prepper Home Security System


Making do with what you have has always been a motto of rural America. Growing up on a farm teaches you this first-hand. As a kid you figure out that only some Popsicle sticks and barbed wire can make for a fun-filled afternoon. It is a learned skill, and the older you get the more creative and resourceful you become. It is a skill that will become infinitely more fruitful once the banks break down, an epidemic disease breaks out, or the government finally loses its grip on milking the public for all their worth. When SHTF, don’t get caught in the rain. Here are some alternative home security system tricks that would have worked 300 years ago and will still work 300 years into the future. 

  • K9 Security Unit

Dogs have been used as home security modules for hundreds of years. Large and intimidating dogs are popular but you’d be surprised at how effective small dogs can be when it comes to security. High-pitched, obnoxious barks will alert even the heaviest of sleepers. Another benefit of smaller dogs is that they tend to be more agile, being able to bounce around the house at quick pace and with the ability to sweep all points of access for sound and smell. 

  • Eliminate Shrubbery around Points of Access

Giving an intruder a thick bush to hide behind only spells trouble for the homeowner. The assailant may possess a concealed weapon or other harmful object, but this will be tough to see if your vision is obstructed by shrubbery. If you need shrubs to decorate the garden, ensure these plants are not providing an advantage to an outside attacker.  

  • Strategically-Placed Valuables

Many burglaries are opportunity crimes and not premeditated. If a potential thief walks by your house and sees a brand new laptop sitting on the counter or some expensive electronic equipment sitting on the entertainment center, of course the thief will try to break and enter. While a laptop is valuable today, water and food could be desirable commodities in the future. Keep your resources out of plain sight and utilize the window blinds when necessary. 

  • Motion Activated Floodlights 

While not available 300 years ago, motion-activated flood lights provide a couple great purposes. One, they alert the resident of any potential intruders. Two, it’ll alert the intruder that the homeowner means business. Some of the creatures alerted by the light will turn out to be pets or small animals. But when Mr. Outsider does come knocking, he’s going to be in plain sight. 

  • Shatter-Proof Windows

Doors are a conventional point-of-access for outsiders, but windows may be the more popular option. People forget to secure windows with locks and windows can be broken into quite easily as well. Shatter-proof windows will prevent access into your home and leave evidence that someone was trying to break in. 


Home security is obviously important today. Imagine when SHTF and all hell breaks loose on the streets. Having the proper measures to protect your family and procured resources will become doubly important. Secure your home today with the measures that will leave you protected in the case of total societal meltdown. 

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