The end is near, and the road is icy.

Preserving our lineage is far, and we will walk carefully.

Join us in discourse on survival psychology and preparedness.

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Toxic Positivity vs. Genuine Optimism: Slogging Through Ruination

This article contains: What is toxic positivity? Why would someone have or use toxic positivity Exam…

coping mechanisms

Coping Mechanisms in a Life of Deprivation

This article contains: What is coping? Why is coping important? Types of coping strategies Internal …

misogi challenges to build endurance

Improve your survivability with Misogi

Right now, you’re probably sitting in a chair in a brightly lit, climate-controlled environment as y…


Sod Houses on the Prairie

Once the grid goes down and you bug out, what then? Even if you have a “permanent” settl…


Best 5 Recipes for Cooking in the Wild

The skies are turning grey. You hear thunder rumbling in the distance, announcing its arrival in T-3…


Last Known Location

There’s nothing left to do But spread the proclamation   For all they know that’s true Is …


Burning Wood Furniture: How not to Poison Yourself

On Tuesday February 16th 2021, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport recorded a temperature of -2 F, which broke…


Why Vinegar is a Bug Out Essential

This article contains: History of vinegar How to make vinegar Vinegar medicinal uses Cleaning with v…


Tracking Animals Using Track Traps

Knowing your environment is critical in the wild. After all, one of our very first skills in any sit…


How to Prep in a World of Dependence

After being asked many times over the years why I prep, it’s time I highlight my rationale and menta…


Survival Planning on a Budget

Whether you’re 20-something and straight out of college or in the grind-out years of making extra pa…


Prepper Home Security System

Making do with what you have has always been a motto of rural America. Growing up on a farm teaches …


Prepping and Saving – Do Both Now

People tend to categorize prepping, or emergency preparedness, as either one or the other: a lifesty…


Are you a Prepper?

There are legions of people that consider themselves to be “preppers.” But you can’t consider yourse…


Inside the Mind of a Prepper – Saving as a Mental Tool for Prepping

Prepping is a mental health tool. It’s about having a belief system to govern each of your actions. …

Dangers of Buying a Home in 2022

Most of us would rather own a home than rent one. It’s never easy to portion part of your paycheck g…

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